The Animal Welfare Society is proud to be a progressive animal shelter where animal care is our top priority. In addition to safe accommodations, nutritious meals and medical care, each pet receives enrichment and lots of love. Each year, we receive and care for more than 4,000 pets in need of new homes. Pets come from as nearby as Kennebunk, throughout Southern Maine and as far away as Texas, Georgia, Mississippi and Puerto Rico.

Owner-Requested Admissions

As your community animal resource, we encourage and support you, should you need to find a new home for your pet. Working together, we will try to help you to find a solution to re-homing your pet(s) before considering admission to AWS. Pets that can be re-homed by their current owners ensures that valuable resources and kennel spaces at the shelter are reserved for at-risk and in-need animals with no owner.

Use one of our resources: We offer several programs and services to support you and your pet and maintain that lifelong bond. If you dog’s behavior is the issue, we offer a wide array of dog obedience training, both public classes and private consultations. We also may be able to offer support over the phone to provide suggestions and/or resources to alleviate pet behavior issues. Should the reason you are looking to rehome your pet include a medical issue, we provide affordable veterinary care at our Community Veterinary Clinic.

Try this service to rehome your pet yourself: Brought to you by and  Petco Love (formerly PetCo Foundation), Rehome is a web-based app that helps owners find their pet a new home.

Unexpected litter re-homing services: Through a partnership between our Community Veterinary Clinic and our Adoption Center, we can help your mother dog/cat and her new litter through our Mother Spay Program. Once the litter is weaned, we will spay the mother at no cost to you (and she goes home with you!) and we will find homes for all the little ones if you admit them to AWS’ Adoption Program. Learn more.

To admit a pet to AWS: If other re-homing options aren’t suitable for your situation, we are here to help. Please note that all admissions are done by appointment only. Making an appointment allows us to plan for the best care and support for you and your pet and to maximize available resources. Please note: All admissions decisions are at the discretion of AWS staff and are based on available space and resources.