AWS Visiting Pets

The Visiting Pets team is comprised of dedicated AWS volunteers and their own dogs that come together to provide comfort and joy to those they visit. Many of the dogs are AWS alumni and all are either registered therapy dogs or Canine Good Citizen certified dogs. As a team, they visit local residential settings such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes, colleges and universities.

“Through our visits, we have seen first-hand the positive interaction that takes place when a visiting dog approaches a resident. Put simply, it’s almost magic. Residents light up. It may be a quick pat, a hug or a few minutes of cuddling while the resident shares stories, memories of dogs who have passed through their lives. There is always an element of joy that we all share in that moment.”  ~Paula, Visiting Pets Volunteer

Visiting Pets

  • Must be located within 15 miles of Kennebunk, Maine.
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