Wellness and Preventative Care

Good preventative care is an important part of your pet’s overall health. We recommend regular check-ups at least once a year. During your wellness appointment, our veterinary team will conduct a full physical exam, discuss vaccinations, testing and parasite control, and address any health concerns you may have.

We offer a two-tier pricing system, our Companion program, based on income qualifications. See if you qualify. This program is supported by the Companions for Life Fund.


FELINEStandardCompanion Program
Physical Wellness Exam$45$33.75
FeLV Test$35$26.25
FeLV/FIV Combo Test$45$33.75
Revolution (monthly flea/ear mite control)$22-$25 - dose based on weight$16-$19 - dose based on weight
Dontral Plus (broad spectrum dewormer)$12-$30/pill - dose based on weight$9-$23/pill - dose based on weight
Cestex (tapeworm treatment)$10-$18/pill - dose based on weight$8-$14/pill - dose based on weight
Bravecto (12-week flea control)$60$45
CANINEStandardCompanion Program
Physical Wellness Exam$45$33.75
4DX Test (heartworm/tick borne disease)$45$33.75
Vescan (heartworm only test)$35$26.25
Dontral Plus (broad spectrum dewormer)$9-$35/pill - dose based on weight$6.75-$26.75 - dose based on weight
Interceptor Plus Chewable (monthly heartworm protection and dewormer)$12-$18 - dose based on weight$9-$14 - dose based on weight
Credelio (monthly flea/tick control)$24-$26 - dose based on weight$18-$20 - dose based on weight

*All prices subject to change without notification. Please speak to a Clinic staff member directly for the most up to date information*


AWS believes appropriate vaccination is an integral part of your pet’s overall health. We follow national guidelines for immunization to keep your pet protected from serious and infectious diseases. Your veterinarian will work with you to help determine which vaccines are recommended for your pet. Initial vaccines are administered at a physical wellness exam; however, no wellness exam fee is required for follow-up vaccine boosters.

FELINEStandard Companion Program
Rabies - IMRAB, 1 or 3 year
Proof of previous vax required to receive 3 year
Rabies - PureVax, 1 year$35$26.25
FVRCP (Distemper)$25$18.75
FeLV (Feline Leukemia)
FeLV test is required prior to first vaccine

CANINEStandardCompanion Program
Rabies - IMRAB, 1 or 3 year
Proof of previous vax required to receive 3 year
DA2PP (Distemper/Parvo)$25$18.75
DA2PP/Lepto Combo$30$22.50
Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Oral/Intranasal$35/$25$26.25/$18.75
Influenza H3N2/H3N8$30$22.50

*All prices subject to change without notification. Please speak to a Clinic staff member directly for the most up to date information*


All procedures and exams must be scheduled in advance. No walk ins please. We offer public appointments Mondays – Friday from 9 am – 4 pm. For questions or scheduling, the Clinic can be reached at (207) 292-2424 Monday – Friday from 9 am – Noon and 1 pm – 5 pm. Please note that the Clinic is closed weekends and on all major holidays.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high call volume, it may take a while for us to return calls to schedule non-emergency procedures or appointments (including spay/neuter surgery requests). We do receive each and every voicemail so we ask for your patience. We will respond as soon as we can.

If you have been to our Clinic before, please call us at (207) 292-2424 to schedule your pet’s appointment. Due to capacity issues and social distancing, unfortunately, we are currently limiting the number of clients we can take.

In order to qualify for an appointment, you need to meet one of the following criteria:
  • Recently adopted animal(s) from AWS
  • New pet for an established* client of the AWS Clinic
  • New puppy or kitten with no established regular veterinarian
  • Sick pet with no established regular veterinarian

Please note that we are booking 6-8 weeks out for non-emergency appointments (including spay/neuter surgeries).

We are temporarily suspending second opinion consultations (dental, ultrasound/radiograph, etc), and we have limited emergency care available for referrals from other veterinarian/emergency clinics.

*Definition of established client of the AWS Clinic: the patient has had one or more wellness exams with an AWS Community Clinic veterinarian. Spay/Neuter surgery is an elective service that does not qualify a pet as an established client.