Domestic Shorthair
5 years, 1 month
12.56 lbs.
Adoption Fee:
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Meet Snowball

Snowball is a friendly and curious cat who is ready to find his new, happy home. Snowball is classic extrovert and explorer who would do best with an indoor/outdoor kind of lifestyle. Perhaps he sounds like the cat for you!

Snowball likes attention and often perks up when people walk into the room. He likes to rub against your legs and meow for attention. He's very food motivated! Snowball can, however, become overstimulated with petting and may prefer to be around you rather than a classic lap cat. He would love to roam around in the neighborhood during the day and then return to you at night to sleep at the foot of your bed!

If you think Snowball sounds like the cat for you, stop by our Adoption Center today to meet him!

Care & Behavior

  • Classic Extrovert
  • Curious Explorer
  • Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle