Birthdays and Bubbles!


Hi there! Our names are George and Isabella and we’re two sweet doggos who are up for adoption here at AWS. We decided to do a blog together because we’re best friends and we even share a kennel! We’re so excited to be featured because we have a lot of fun stuff going on. We think you’ll love to hear all about it! From birthday celebrations to bubble play, we’re kicking off summer in style. The only thing we haven’t accomplished yet is getting adopted into our separate happy homes!

A Birthday Celebration

George: Hmmm so let’s see, what should be we cover first?
Isabella: How about your birthday, silly?!
George: Well, alright then. You see, I was born on June 1 back in 2013. That makes me 11 years old! My birthday happened over this past weekend and at first, I was feeling a little blue. I was hoping I would be in my happy home by then and could celebrate with my family. But, come dinnertime, the lovely folks here at AWS had a special surprise for me! Plopped right on top of my dinner was a dollop of whipped cream! I looooove whipped cream!
Isabella: You sure do! I was only a little jealous…
George: They also all wished me a happy birthday and promised that I would be adopted soon. I felt so special! I realize now that while I might not have a family yet, I’m still surrounded by people who love me.
Isabella: That’s so true, Georgie! Everyone here has made us feel so welcomed. It’s only a matter of time now before our adoption dates come!
George: I just hope it’s before my next birthday…
Isabella: Oh it will be! You’re such a silly goose sometimes. Also, happy belated birthday!

George gets his birthday treat!

Fun with Bubbles

George: So what else should we talk about? Back in my day we just told each other stuff, not typed it out on social media.
Isabella: Oh please, you’re not that old. Plus, it’s fun to connect to people! How else would we make our way home?
George: Well I suppose that’s true. And I am excited to talk about bubbles. Birthdays and bubbles are both exciting.
Isabella: Well then, go ahead!
George: You see, I had never seen bubbles before. What even are they? A friend who works here showed them to me and I can’t seem to understand. They’re there one moment floating around and in the next, they’re gone! It’s like magic I tell ya.
Isabella: Oh George, it’s not magic. It’s science! Soap molecules are incredibly flexible and water molecules are super stretchy! So together they create an incredibly lightweight and stretchy soap film. When you blow into it this film, the soap and water molecules stretch out and trap the air inside, creating a bubble!
George: Wow, you’re really smart Bella. I didn’t know you knew about science stuff.
Isabella: Well, there are a lot of cool things about me George. I guess everyone online will just have to visit us at AWS to find out how special we each are!

Isabella & George experience bubbles!

How to Adopt

Isabella: Speaking of which, should we tell the nice folks here how to adopt dogs like us?
George: Well that would only make sense!
Isabella: Okay, so, here we go. George and I are awesome dogs and together we make a great team. However, we are looking for separate homes. I mean, I suppose we could get adopted together if you want, but no pressure! We’re happy to go our separate ways and stay friends as pen pals!
George: I’d miss you, Bella, but happy to make my way home!
Isabella: Samesies! What we both really have in common, though, is a great love for people. We bond quickly to our humans and want more than anything to find our happy homes. It would make our dreams come true!
George: That’s the truth! What I wished for on my birthday was to be adopted. All you have to do is come visit us in the Adoption Center here at AWS. No appointment necessary!
Isabella: Yes! Or, if you have questions, you can call our friends here at (207) 985-3244. We both will be so happy to see you!

George & Isabella: And don’t forget to check out our online profiles! We can’t wait to meet our future families!