Karhu’s Looking for his Happy Home!

Hello everyone! My name is Karhu and I’m a two-year-old Akita who is looking for my new, happy home. I’ve actually been on the blog before way back in November 2023, when I was rooting for Team Dog during Giving Tuesday. Unfortunately, those pesky cats got us again, but I’m still hopeful for next year! This time around, however, I’m being featured for a different reason: I want to be adopted!

So far at AWS, I’ve gone on countless hikes, went out for several lunch dates, made lots of new friends, and am now in a lovely foster home while I wait for my family to find me. I really can’t complain! But with January coming to an end and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’ve really been thinking a lot about love, family, and the bond between a dog and his people. I mean, I don’t want to brag, but I’ve been told before that I’m the ‘perfect family pet.’ I love people (including kids!), am very active and outgoing, but also like to take it easy and cuddle on the couch. I might be large, but I’m a gentle giant. I just need my new family to see all the wonderful things I have to offer!

Karhu’s Benefits

So, to help with that, I decided to put my paws to the keys and make a helpful list! I think I’m pretty awesome if I do say so myself! For example:

  • I love to hike, climb, play, walk, and explore. I’ll be your ultimate adventuring companion!
  • I’m super fluffy and soft and make an excellent snuggling companion on those chilly nights.
  • I loooove the snow and will always be by your side to help shovel. I’m a true Mainer!
  • I’m very smart and learn quickly and would love to show you what my active brain can do!
  • Family means everything to me and I will be your loyal, loving, and longtime companion. That’s a promise!
  • I’m handsome to boot. I mean, just look at me!

His Ideal Family

I’m looking for my happy home to be one that’s active and outgoing, but also likes to cuddle in for the night. Hopefully there’s a nice backyard as well! I would also thrive with a family where I can be the only pet in the home. I will admit, cats are a little too tempting for me and I don’t like to share the spotlight with other dogs. I do, however, like to make friends when I go outside and everyone I meet thinks I’m just the bees knees!

If I’ve stolen your heart, give my friends here at AWS a call at (207) 985-3244 so they can set up an appointment with my foster mom to come and meet you. I love getting outside and meeting new people and I absolutely cannot wait for my family to make that call. I’ll be dancing on my tippy-toes to head out the door and hopefully make it home with you!