Shelter Dog Learning

Whether they are ready for adoption or still working on their manners, we make sure that the eligible canines in our care (shelter dogs) get the proper exercise and stimulation by working their body and brain. They are regular visitors to our Training Classroom where they work with our trainers and our animal care staff.

shelter dog in training class

Here, sweet Pearl (who is up for adoption and waiting for her happy home!) is learning to maneuver obstacles and work through problems. Just like with our public classes, we use only positive reinforcement training and make sure that all our dogs are having fun while learning something new. Luckily for us, Pearl loves her cookies and is always happy to work for a tasty treat!

Making sure our shelter dogs get training while they’re here helps so much! They become more well-rounded and have a toolkit for success with their new families, post adoption. Many dogs like the structure of training and look forward to getting out and working their brains. It also socializes our dogs while giving us a better look at their personalities and learning behaviors. This helps us make better matches when it comes to adopting. Plus it gives the new family something to practice with their new pup!

Pearl got an A+ for the day! She is living proof that you’re never too old, too big, or too adorable to learn something new. We consider Pearl a more active and extroverted dog but when she starts her training, dedication is the name of the game! She can’t wait to continue her training and educational journey with her new family. When the time is right, she’ll head home with so many fun skills and tricks up her sleeve! And then the next shelter dog will take center stage in our training room!

UPDATE: Pearl was adopted just before Thanksgiving and is loving her post-shelter dog life!