Melt Snowball’s Heart

Why, hello there humans! My name is Snowball and I’m a handsome, 5-year-old cat who is ready to find my happy home with someone special like you. I’m super excited to be on the blog this week because I feel like I was meant to be in the spotlight! When my friends here at AWS asked me if I wanted to be featured, I of course said “me-wow! Absolutely!” I can’t wait to share my story with all you people out there!

Let’s see, where to start? Well, I like to think of myself as a pretty adventurous guy who loves both the indoor and outdoor lifestyle. I like to sunbathe on the porch, chase leaves falling from trees, and follow my friends around the neighborhood. However, I also like to cuddle up on a warm bed, get lots of treats and snacks, and hang around my humans as they go about their day. I guess you could say I want the best of both worlds! Luckily, my name is Snowball but I’m not actually made of snow, so you don’t have to worry about me melting outside!

Like I said, I love the spotlight and getting attention, but I’m also no fancy lap cat. I’m all about boundaries and I’ll let you know if I’m not in the mood for snuggles. But please don’t get me wrong! I love my humans and often come running when I hear friendly voices. I’m the king of leg rubs and am always happy to get treats (and food, and catnip, and cat grass… you get the idea!) What I really want, though, is a home to call my own and a family who will love little old me. I’m very dedicated to my people and I really am a sweet guy who just wants to love and be loved. I know before that I said I wasn’t actually made of snow, but if you were to adopt me today my heart would just melt!  

If you think we could be a perfect match and you’ve been looking for your own fuzzy little snowball, please stop by the AWS Adoption Center to meet me. I can’t wait to finally meet the humans of my dreams!