The Circus is Back in Town!

Dog standing on a platform in front of a circus backdrop.

You heard that right, folks. Our Circus Dog class is back in town and only comes once a year! If you and your dog are graduates of AWS Basic Training (or an equivalent obedience group class), are looking for unique, exciting, and new skills to practice, or just want to have a little fun, this class is for you!

What is Circus Dog?

Designed to dazzle and entertain, our Circus Dog class is where you and your pup work together under the big top. Perform our special versions of walking the tightrope, jumping through hoops of fire, and sometimes just plain clowning around. Your dog might roll out the red carpet, play some games, and even leap through the curtain onto stage! Plus, we always encourage you to dress your best. We’re here to have fun!

Your professional trainer and ring leader will prepare you and your pup through 5 weeks of training for the big show that’s held on week 6. Make sure to bring your camera and lots of praise because your dog will amaze you and you won’t want to miss a single feat!

Register Today!

Interested? We thought you might be! Now that the circus is back in town, we’re calling for all our little lions, elephants, and dancing dogs to join us under the big top. Classes run all April long, and it’s bound to be the best performance you and your dog have done to date. Don’t miss your chance to register today. Go down in AWS history as one of our many circus stars and canine entertainers!