Are You Feeling Blue?

Hi there, friends! Our names are Jewel, Rocket, and Blue and we’re a trio of bonded parakeets who are ready to find our happy home together! Now that St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone and everyone is done dressing in green, it’s time to celebrate another wonderful color: blue! Are you feeling blue? Most of the time that phrase is associated with sadness or feeling ‘down’, but we’re here to take back the meaning of blue. To us, blue is happy, bright, and beautiful!

History of Feeling Blue

Since we’re smart birds and know how to operate a computer, we did a little research into the phrase “feeling blue.” As it turns out, this idiom has been around with you humans for quite some time! There’s no real definitive explanation for the terminology, but many think it originates from when ships use to run blue flags to signal the death of a captain. The crew and family members would report feelings of “blue” after seeing such as sight. It could also date back to 1385 when the famous poet Chaucer once wrote “…he conducted his harangue with a sigh, and I saw he was still under the influence of a whole legion of the blues.” Either way, it seems like the color blue gets a bad (or sad?) rap!

As birds who are exclusively many different shades of blue, we’re here to argue that ‘feeling blue’ should mean something happy! After all, we’re always singing and dancing and bopping our heads around and we rarely feel sad or down in the dumps! In fact, we’re quite happy and outgoing all the time!

Blue is Beautiful

A collage of three blue parakeets.

Apart from singing and dancing, we also love to socialize with people! We can all be a bit shy at first since it’s been a while since we’ve been handled. However, we’re warming up day by day and if you sing to us, we’ll sing back. Let’s call that “feeling blue!” We also like to groom each other, chatter amongst ourselves, and play with the many toys and mirrors in our enclosure. We’ll call that ‘feeling blue’ as well! Since one of us is turquoise, one of us is royal blue, and the other is a soft shade of silvery-blue, we think it’s only appropriate that we express how beautiful blue really is!

If you sing, we dance, if you dance, we’ll sing. If you handle us gently, we’ll sit on your finger or shoulder. If you put us by a window, we’ll follow the light. If you give us a swing, we’ll play and chatter. And if you give us a home, we’ll love you and bring you love in return. All of these great qualities are what we consider “feeling blue.” In short, blue means singing, dancing, playing, cuddling, and feeling happy. Blue is beautiful!!

Ready to Adopt?

So, we’ll ask again; are you feeling blue? By our definition, we hope so! If you do, we are definitely the birds for you and we hope that you’ll give our friends here at AWS a call to meet us. We would pick up the phone first to reach out, but our wings don’t really allow it. Plus, our feet are too tiny! So, please call (207) 985-3244 and ask for Jewel, Rocket, and Blue by name. We’ll be beyond thrilled to chirp with you!

We hope you have a blue-filled day!