A Dog Can Dream

Hi there, friends! Welcome to my blog! My name is Harley, and I am a six-year-old certified good boy who is ready to find my happy, new home. Let me start off by saying how grateful I am to have been chosen as the newest featured pet here at AWS because boy oh boy, do I have a lot to say! From first arriving here at the shelter, to going up for adoption, to finding a foster… I’ve gone on quite the journey! I can’t wait to share my story with you in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, my perfect people will read this and come adopt me. A dog can dream!

Harley’s History

I first came to AWS on January 11 of this year and have been looking for my happy home ever since. I was originally from another rescue in Maine and was chosen to be transported here after everyone saw how adorable my face was. True, my personality helped seal the deal, but I mean who can resist my ears?! Anyway, I’ve loved it here in Kennebunk and have made many friends and come a long way. I would say I’m a natural introvert. I can be a little shy, but still loves to meet people and make connections. I get along great with other animals as well, and my tail always wags when someone walks my way. I suppose that’s why they call me a certified good boy!

Two dogs standing in a hallway of their foster home.

Because of my calm nature and somewhat shy disposition, my friends here at AWS thought I would make a great candidate for foster. Boy were they right! I looove being a foster dog because I get to be in someone’s home and sleep on their couch and hang out with them while they cook or clean or watch TV. It’s the ultimate little slice of life! Someday soon I hope to be the watchful protector of my very own home with my loving family beside me. A dog can dream! Of course, in the meantime, this isn’t so bad. I mean, my foster mom even wrote nice things about me!

“Harley has completely turned into my little shadow. He seems to favor me, but his tail starts thumping at everyone else as they slowly approach him to say hi. He’s always really happy to get some butt scratches! He tentatively made the trek down the hallway to our bedroom and slept the whole night on his dog bed beside ours. That brought the total number of pets in the room to four! Speaking of which, Harley is a total gentleman about the cats and literally just lets them walk by him with no reaction whatsoever. It’s wild to me!  One of our cats even rubbed up against his leg this morning! They’re used to foster dogs, but usually not that thrilled to have them in the house. I guess it’s just because Harley is the best kind of dog!!”

Harley’s Foster Mom

Harley Can Dream

How sweet is that! I love my foster mom. Of course as much as I love her, I wish to be with my own family someday soon. Currently, I’m the longest term resident here at AWS which means I have been waiting patiently for more than two months. I don’t mind, honestly, as I know great things take time to develop. But I can feel the itch of anticipation in my nose and my happy tail keeps wagging when I think of being adopted. I hope it happens soon.

After all, the weather is warming up, and the birds are singing, and it just feels like the right time. I know soon I will be warming my fur lying on the deck of my home as my people barbecue outside, play in the grass, and listen to music. Perhaps we’ll then wander inside, sit down to eat, and I can lay by the table to wait for fallen food scraps. Then as night falls, I will cuddle up against them on the couch to watch a movie and probably snore as a drift to sleep. Wouldn’t that be the life. A dog can dream after all! Want to meet me and make my dreams come true?! Please call AWS at (207) 985-3244 so they can contact my foster and set up an appointment. I promise I will be over the moon to see you!