Pet of the Week: April Puppies!

For this lovely April day, we offer a special Pet of the Week blog, featuring some of our youngest and most adorable adoptable animals: puppies! We currently have five puppies who are waiting for their happy homes! We’ve gathered all the playful pups together and asked them for some quotes on why they want to be the next animal adopted from AWS. Turns out, our puppies are pretty profound! And they think April is the perfect time to adopt!

Hi there, I’m Kona! I’m a 4-month old female puppy who is ready to find my happy home. I know I don’t look very big right now, but all my human friends keep saying I’m going to be a big girl one day. With my energy level and how much I love to play, I hope I get adopted by an active and outgoing family just like me! I’m still growing, but one thing that has always been big is my heart and my love for family. I hope to be your new best friend soon!”

Hello! My name is Malachite and I’m a 3-month old male puppy who can’t wait to be your new favorite boy! I’m currently in foster care and am doing quite well. My foster mom says I’m playful, energetic, and loving, but also like to take naps and hang out with the humans. Ahh the good life! I want my new family to find me soon because while I love foster care, I need a home to call my own. Everyone wants a family where they feel loved and cherished, and anything I get I will give 110% back!”

Hiiii! My name is Anatase and I’m three months old, although my ears look like I’m a teenager! I’m a playful and active girl with a bit of a goofy side to my personality. I can get distracted easily (squirrel?!) but am always focused very seriously on finding my forever family. After traveling across state lines to come here to Maine, I’m so excited to start this next chapter. I hope the book of my life is filled with many sweet kisses, happy belly rubs, and lots of beautiful memories with my family. Will you be the hero of my story and adopt me?”

Oh hello, friend. My name is Nordstrom and I’m a male pup who just turned six months old! At 26lbs I’m not very big, but that just makes me all the cuter! I’m your classic silly puppy who loves to run around and play, cause innocent mischief, and explore the world. I’m so curious and I love to work my nose! I hope my family finds me soon because boy oh boy would I be the best family dog! I’m loyal and loving and I would never drink from the toilet, honest! I just want a home where love is always on the menu because I just eat it up!”

Hey! I’m Karina and I’m a lovely little 4-month old puppy. Like Kona up above, I’m a small pup now who the humans say is going to grow into a big girl. Good thing, too, because I love to be the life of the party! I’m playful and spunky and full of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Woof! My perfect family is one that loves to get outdoors and go on adventures, but also wants to snuggle at night. Truth is, so long as we all love, care, and are there for each other, I’ll be a happy girl! I’m ready to be your loyal and loving new canine companion!”

Stop by our Adoption Center during open hours this April and meet our puppies! You can also give us a call at (207) 985-3244. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, although we can’t promise a puppy won’t answer the phone first! Perhaps one of these puppies is your new best friend!