Double the Love

On our last Featured Pet blog we talked about why spring is the perfect time to adopt a dog. What about cats? As it turns out, we currently have three pairs of bonded feline friends who would like to find their happy homes together! Since love is always in season and we believe two is better than one, why not adopt a pair of cats for twice the fun? It’s double the companionship, double the cuddles, and double the love!

To help convince you, we asked our bonded pairs to reach out with a quote or two explaining why they believe two is the magic number. Here’s what our adorable and adoptable feline friends had to say!

Cotton & Casper – ADOPTED!

“Hello there! Our names are Cotton and Casper and, as you can see, we were named after our beautiful pure white coats. We are brothers (twins even!) who have spent our entire lives together and are now ready for this next, exciting chapter. It’s true that we can be somewhat shy at first, but believe us when we say it doesn’t take much for us to open up!

We’re currently thriving in one of the ‘catios’ outside here at AWS and we love being able to sunbathe in all the windows, climb the ramps and shelves, and sleep in the many cozy spots together all curled up and warm. We’re each others best friend and we’re always doing things together. Of course, there is always room for more and we hope to expand our little family by getting adopted! Nothing would make us happier. We would definitely give you double the cuddles, double the fun, and double the love.”

Zoe & Lily

“Hi friends. Our names are Zoe & Lily! We’re a bonded pair of sweet sisters who can’t wait to make it home with you! We would both describe ourselves as classic introverts who like the calmer and quieter side of life. We can be shy and somewhat timid at first, especially when meeting new people. However, we are pretty certain we will blossom once inside our loving home. You can ask our friends here at AWS; once we’re comfortable we’re actually quite active! We love to play and snuggle and groom each other, and we’re always looking for a sunny spot to curl up in.

If you’re a little unsure about adopting two cats, let us be the first to say that you SHOULD. We entertain each other for hours and we’re always doing adorable thing together. We help each other along and are always offering support, love, and silly antics. So, as our family, we would of course extend that onto you as well!”

Habanero & Pepper

“Hello. It’s so nice to meet you! Our names are Habanero and Pepper. We’re a bonded pair of brothers who are looking for our special home together. We say ‘special’ because most people would describe us as semi-social cats. We’ll need a lot of time and space to warm up to our new people and home. You see as kittens, we didn’t get a lot of human interaction and therefore grew up weary of most people.

Since arriving at AWS, however, we have come a long way and now enjoy more time with our human friends. We’re opening up and learning what it means to be comfortable and safe. Good thing we have each other, too, because we really help each other through this process. We have been each other’s therapist and friend. Two is the magic number because everyone needs a companion, and we hope that we can be yours! We just need someone who will understand us and let us blossom into the beautiful cats we know we are!”

If you have room in your heart and home for a pair of loving and friendly felines, please stop by our Adoption Center today to meet any of our bonded cats. Questions? You can always give us a call at (207) 985-3244! Two cats means double the fun, double the cuddles, double the silly antics, and double the love! It’s a win-win for everyone!