December’s Animals in the Arts

Last Wednesday, Youth Programs Coordinator, Miss Amanda, hosted a fun Animals in the Arts class all about learning basic forms and shapes. In this class, young artists focused on how understanding the shape and basic anatomy of an animal can help to better create them on paper. Using watercolor as their medium, Miss Amanda and her students created adorable works of art in a fun, educational, and creative environment where students were taught to engage their artistic side and let their unique talents shine through!

If your students was part of our class, we absolutely loved learning with them! If your child missed out this time, we encourage you to check back soon because there is always more art to be made! Animals in the Arts classes focus on different techniques and mediums each time while always using animals as a guide. Students learn how to create art while also learning about the animals whom they render. Compassion is creative and learning empathy for animals helps to grow empathy for each other… all while creating and having fun!

Miss Amanda can’t wait for the next batch of little artists!