Trick: Make Focusing Fun

Do you have a dog who loves to pull? What about a dog who gets distracted easily? Or perhaps your pup gets overwhelmed by various stimuli? If so, we have a fun trick for you to learn: making focusing fun!

The key to controlling your dog when out and about is making sure they focus on you for cues and direction. Rather than bark at another dog far away, have your dog focus on you and what you’re offering them (whether it’s attention, a treat, or a simple cue to ‘turn around.’) Of course, in order for your dog to want to listen and focus, you have to make it rewarding and fun!

Take, for example, two Making Focus Fun class graduates, Oliver & Andy. Both pups were avid pullers who could easily knock down their humans and become unruly when on walks. Both were easily distracted by outside stimuli and would often become excited and overwhelmed by seeing other dogs and people walking about. However, by learning a few focusing tricks, both boys became much more tame when on walks and learned to focus their energy and excitement on their owners rather than the distraction. We love seeing your dogs succeed!

Need help with your own excitable pup? We have a Making Focus Fun class coming up in early January that will teach both dogs and their handlers how to relax, focus, and work in different environments. Through fun games and pattern exercises, you and your dog will learn to focus together and build a bond that will make your dog the “apple of your eye!”

Watch Oliver and Andy remain calm and focused during this class exercise!