Tigerstar & Willowpelt now Phinn & Luis

We went to AWS in July 2023 for one kitten, but luckily ended up with 2! Phinn (previously Tigerstar) is such a sweet little cuddle bug. He will lay right on my chest and demand pets. He is a whole 2 pounds less than Luis. Luis (previously Willowpelt) stole our hearts when he licked our fingers when we first met him. That’s how we could tell the difference between the two in the beginning since “Luis licks.” His finger-licking quirk holds strong today! He loves cuddling with our dog Benny and loves to lay between legs. Both boys can always be found in their cat bed or tree. They get kitten zoomies in the middle of the night and wrestle each other constantly. We are so happy we adopted them together!

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Despite the heat, our Summer Camp kids are outside and ready for more fun and games! We love hosting children every summer who learn about compassion,  animal behaviors and rights, and how a shelter like ours operates. Plus with various field trips, educational games and activities, and daily animal-related tasks, there’s always fun to be had! 

Thank you for the best Summer Camp season so far! We can’t wait for the upcoming weeks of more fun in the sun! 🕶️🌞
ICYMI: Along with their foster mom, guinea pigs Phoebe, Peppa and Miss Piggy were guests on Fetch Me a Home this morning. Head over to @newscentermaine to learn more about this fun and groovy trio!

To adopt ➡ Call AWS at (207) 985-3244 to schedule an appointment.