One Year of Doggy Dates

Two dogs walk down a path by a river out on a doggy date.

Happy Valentine’s Day! One year ago today, we started our Doggy Date Program where our community of short-term fosters take our resident dogs out for an afternoon, night, or sleepover away from the shelter. Looking back, we’re so excited to be celebrating one year of doggy dates, one year of community engagement, and one year of love. Help us celebrate this special program!

Our Dog Date program runs 7 days a week, though date scheduling is dependent on our dog population at any given time. We’ll work with you (and your schedule) to make sure you get the right pup who matches your personality, and that it’s the date of your dreams! It’ll be one you won’t forget and certainly one your doggy date will remember always.

Types of Dog Dates

We have many different types of dates that you can take your foster dog out on so that you both enjoy your time together. These unclude:

  • A leisurely lunch date where you take your pup out for some tasty food! Bring them through the drive-thru of your favorite fast food restaurant or find a dog-friendly eatery where you two can sit outside. Perhaps a simple handmade picnic in the park will do!
  • A half-day adventure where you can bring your dog around town for a couple hours to all their favorite spots. Perhaps a hike through the woods, a romp on the beach, or a car ride around town. Even the smallest of activities can mean the world to a foster dog!
  • A day-long field trip where you spend the entire day with your foster dog doing whatever suites you best! Start the morning with brunch somewhere and then a hike through the trails. Or, go for a drive around town and then bring your pup back home for some snuggles. Once the date is over, you drop your pup back off at AWS!
  • An over-night sleepover where you actually get to have a slumber party with your foster pup! Bring them out for a night on the town and then retire to your home for a movie and popcorn. The next morning, feel free to treat them to breakfast or drop them back off at AWS until next time!
  • A weekend getaway! This is the ultimate doggy date where you get to take your foster pup home all weekend long for a few days of fun! Treat them to a little slice of home where you drive them around, take them out to lunch, and then retire at night for snuggles on the couch. Our dogs love their special weekend getaways!
woman in black shirt sits on a bench with a black and white dog in front of a forest

Join our Community of Dog Date Fosters

Help us celebrate one year of doggy dates by becoming a dog-date foster yourself! It’s as easy as filling out your dating profile! You, your family members, or your friends can all participate… our dogs aren’t the jealous type! Once you’ve filled out the form and heard back from us, you’re officially a short-term foster and are ready to date! Whenever you want to take a dog out, give us a call a few days in advance at (207) 985-3244. We’ll work on getting something set up.

Dog date scheduling always depends on how many dogs we have in care, their availability, and their compatibility with your proposed activity. Most dogs are happy to go out for ice cream, but not every dog likes to hike. It takes a little matchmaking on our part to make sure it’s an ideal date but once we’ve found your partner, it will be a date you both won’t forget!