Make a Special Cat Mat

Dust off those sewing machines!

We are looking for crafters and sewists to help with a very special project. We need some special cat mats to help our cats and kittens stay comfy and cozy while in our care. Please note that we use cat mats of a specific size, so that they fit just perfectly on the cats’ beds.

Cat Mat Materials:

  • Two pieces of fabric: cotton, cotton/poly or flannel
  • One piece of batting or fleece
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Yard Stick or Ruler
Size 1: 13 inches x 18 inches

This size goes on top of the Kuranda bed as demonstrated by the buff kitten

Size 2: 16 inches x 22 inches

The grey kitten demonstrates how this size goes beneath the Kuranda bed to hold it in place

Cat Mat Instructions:

  1. Cut two pieces of fabric to the size of the bed you’re making (add a quarter or half inch for seam allowance)

  2. Cut one piece of fleece or batting to the same size as the fabric­­

  3. Place the fabric pieces right sides together and then place the batting on top (against the wrong side of the fabric)

  4. Sew nearly all the way around the mat, leaving a small opening for turning

  5. Turn the mat right side out and press if needed

  6. Quilt or tie as desired (remember that cat mats are regularly laundered so please tie or quilt them securely enough to withstand daily washings)

  7. Sew around the edges or hand stitch to close the hole you used to turn the mat

You can drop off your finished cat mats at our Adoption Center any day between 10 am – 4 pm and we will put them to use right away!

Thank you!