Foster Friday: Snowball & Marshmallow

A white rabbit sits on a recliner chair in it's foster home.

Happy Friday! Our foster families make a huge difference in the lives of our animals by opening up their doors to adoptable pets who need some time away from the shelter. Fosters help to socialize animals, care for their needs, and show them what life is like in a loving home. They also provide us with helpful insights into what that pet is like in a home environment, so we can better place them with their forever families. That’s why this Foster Friday we’re celebrating Snowball, Marshmallow, and their foster mom, Laura!

Get to Know Marshmallow & Snowball

Laura started fostering the two rabbits back in January, and has really come to enjoy their company over the month. She has helped both boys to come out of their shells and really got to know their little personalities and quirks. Here’s what she had to say about Marshmallow and Snowball!

“Both bunnies love getting their little ear massages when sitting on the recliner. They’re both litterbox trained as well and love to play with kitty toy balls and race through their tunnels. Marshmallow is the more adventurous bunny who loves to explore and eat his morning carrot. He even get s excited when you say the word! Snowball is a little more shy (even though he’s bigger), and generally feels more comfortable close to his hut home. He can, however, be a snuggle bunny when the mood strikes him. He also loves morning carrots and lettuce! Anyone would be lucky to adopt either Marshmallow or Snowball!”

Laura, Foster Volunteer
A white rabbit sits on a couch by a child in its foster home.

We’re forever grateful to foster families like Laura’s! We think Friday is a wonderful day of the week to celebrate their kindness and hard work. Help us celebrate this Foster Friday Laura by spreading the word on her foster bunnies, Marshmallow & Snowball. If you or anyone you know is interested in adding a cuddly, sweet, and curious bunny into their family, reach out to us at (207) 985-3244, and we’ll set up an appointment with Laura for you to meet them. We know she will be excited, but not as excited as your new bunny companion!