Cookie’s One Year Anniversary

A hamster shoves a carrot into her cheeks while sitting on a table in the Youth Programs' classroom.

Have you met Cookie, our Youth Program’s resident hamster? Cookie is a staple in the classroom and was adopted by Youth Program’s Coordinator, Miss Amanda, one year ago on February 15, 2023! Today, we look back on all that Cookie has accomplished! She has helped students learn about compassion and empathy and care for all pets. Celebrate Cookie’s one year anniversary with us!

Cookie’s story

Cookie first came to AWS with several other hamsters who all needed to find their happy homes. Miss Amanda was immediately smitten with the tiny rodent! She had a docile personality and willingness to be held and handled. Miss Amanda thought she would be perfect as a resident pet who wouldn’t mind little hands holding her. Turns out, Amanda was absolutely right! Who would have thought then that we would be celebrating Cookie’s one year anniversary!

Cookie has since become a Youth Programs superstar who has her own mansion inside the Youth Classroom. She made her first Furry Tales Story Time debut in September of last year representing nocturnal animals. She taught children what kind of pets hamsters and other rodents make at home. Her mom and Youth Classroom teacher Miss Amanda has only wonderful things to say about her smallest family member!

Woman in an AWS sweatshirt smiles at the camera while a hamster sits on her shoulder.

“She is a super star! Cookie is always eager to come out and meet students of all ages. Her favorite activity is racing through mazes that students build out of cardboard and other fun materials. She also likes to be fed, with blueberries being her favorite. She’s definitely the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) of hamsters and is very well loved by the kids!”

Amanda, Youth Programs Coordinator

Her greatest role

Of course, Cookie’s greatest role in the classroom is teaching students about empathy and kindness. Kids learn to handle Cookie gently and how to treat life’s smaller critters with respect. Cookie teaches kids how animals other than cats and dogs like to be interacted with. She also teaches that even if you’re small, you can still make a huge difference and impact on people’s lives. We’re lucky to have sweet Cookie as part of our Youth Program’s family! Happy one year anniversary, Cookie!