Elmer and Rico

On Fridays, we like to highlight our amazing foster families who do so much for our pets. We call them (appropriately) Foster Fridays! This week, we want to thank Rico, who is currently fostering adoptable dog Elmer. As you can see, Elmer and Rico are an amazing pair who love each other’s company. It’s always heartwarming when a foster and their pet bond. However, it’s even more amazing when that pet and human become best friends!

Why Foster?

Elmer is Rico’s current foster, but he is far from Rico’s first. On the contrary, Rico has been a foster here at AWS for many years and is a wonderful dog whisperer. He has seen many pups come and go, and he cherishes his time with each one. When asked why he chooses to foster rather than adopt, Rico always responds the same: “because I want to give back, and there will always be more dogs.”

Fostering, however, doesn’t mean that Rico doesn’t bond with his dogs. It’s actually quite the opposite! Rico learns so much about his pups and is able to provide us with valuable information. He spends night and day with them and learns to love each one differently. That’s why fostering is so natural for him! Of course, when the time comes to say goodbye and his foster dog gets adopted, it’s always bitter-sweet. But Rico knows that his pups are off to bigger and better lives, and he’s just happy he could be a part of their story!

Currently with Elmer, Rico has helped us learn more about him. Rico reports that Elmer is an affectionate and loving dog who loves to cuddle and is very loyal. When Rico is out mowing the lawn or doing yard work, Elmer is always by his side. Rico states that Elmer never tries to run off and likes to sun himself while the daily chores get done. Then, at night, Elmer comes inside for food, snuggles, and quality time together with his foster dad. He has even learned new cues like ‘sit’, ‘wait’, and ‘lie down!’

Recently, Rico brought Elmer in for a photoshoot here at AWS and it was like Elmer was a whole new dog! He clearly loved being with Rico and his happiness radiated through the camera. Just look at those smiles (from both parties!)

Ready to Adopt?

Elmer loves being with Rico, but it is time he find his happy home. If you think this pup looks like he could be the one for you, make sure to check out his profile and then give us a call at (207) 985-3244. We’ll set up a time with Rico where he can bring Elmer in to see you. We know they will both be so happy to see Elmer make his way home!

Ready to Foster?

Whether taking an AWS resident pup for a lunch date or afternoon adventure, overseeing a rabbit’s recovery from surgery for a week or two, or caring for a litter of kittens for a summer, foster families make a huge difference for pets in our community, including those awaiting new homes though AWS’ Adoption Center.

If you’ve been inspired by Elmer and Rico’s story, learn more about becoming a foster volunteer on our foster page. Or, if you’re ready to take the plunge, apply today!