What is Foster-to-Adopt?

Have you ever heard the term foster-to-adopt? We sometimes use this term in our adoptable pet profiles to describe the status of certain animals. For example, “Sophie is a foster-to-adopt pet, so she will need to be fostered by her new family before being officially adopted.” But what does that actually mean? And why do certain pets have it and not others? We’re here to break down what this term implies and why we use it here at AWS. As it turns out, foster-to-adopt benefits everyone involved!

What it means for the adopter.

Majority of the time, foster-to-adopt is used for a pet who needs medical care that is scheduled at a later date. Anyone ready to adopt must understand that their new pet will be brought back for medical care and/or surgery. In the meantime, the adopter technically fosters the animal in their home with expectations to adopt later. In these foster-to-adopt situations, AWS will shoulder the cost of the medical expenses and oversee any recovery concerns. We’re happy to be able to cover the cost of medical care knowing that the pet already has a happy home lined up! As an adopter of a foster-to-adopt pet, you get to know that all current medical needs are met!

What it means for the pet.

For the animal, foster-to-adopt is no different than a regular adoption! The pet will still reside in your home and start to settle into their new life. Depending on the severity of their medical needs, you two can bond by doing normal owner and pet activities. Enjoy each other’s company by going for a walk, snuggling on the couch, or playing together. While the pet is technically being fostered, they won’t know the difference! To your new best friend, they just know they’ve found a loving and happy home where they feel safe and wanted.

Then, after the scheduled medical care, you can sign the paperwork to officially adopt your pet. Of course by then, you and your pet will have already bonded. That means when it’s time to walk out the door from surgery, your pet will know they’re going back to their forever home. That’s why we love the ability to offer foster-to-adopt!