Our $99 Dog Adoption Promotion

Have you heard the news? For a short time only, we’ve reduced the adoption fee for certain adult dogs to only $99! While we love all our residents while they’re here, our goal is to get them out the door and adopted. So, to help reduce the financial burden on families looking to adopt, we chose our longest term dogs for this special promotion! There aren’t many things going down in price these days, so make the most of this limited time deal. Adopt your new, furry family member today and start the summer of a lifetime together!

Meet Elmer

“Hi there! My name is Elmer and I am one of the lucky pups chosen for AWS’ $99 dog adoption promotion. I’m sure you’ve seen my face before around here or on social. I love attention and am always in the spotlight! I’m currently in a foster home and my foster dad describes me as goofy, fun-loving, and very loyal. He likes to mow the lawn and do yard work, and I’m always there watching him and keeping him safe. I never leave the yard or even try to run away! And why would I? I love people and always want to be where you are! My adoption fee is now only $99 so don’t miss your chance to take me home!”

Adopt Duke

“Hiiii! My name is Duke and I’ve been chosen as one of AWS’ adoption promotion dogs. I’ve been on the blog before as well as social media, so you probably know me by now! I’ve been here at the shelter for quite some time now, and I’m ready for my happy home. I absolutely love people and am always so excited to meet someone new. My tail is always wagging and I get the goofiest smile on my face! Everyone who meets me describes me as ‘sweet and silly’ and, not to brag, but I give the best kisses! Life at the shelter has been fun, but also a little stressful. I don’t necessarily enjoy all the commotion, loud sounds, and other dogs, so I would really like to me adopted soon. Take advantage of my $99 adoption fee and bring me home today!”

Hello to Hank

Close-up of a dog looking at the camera wearing a bandana

“Hello my friends! My name is Hank and I am also a dog chosen for AWS’ $99 dog adoption promotion. I am currently in a foster home and truly having a great time. However, I desperately want to find a family of my own. I can be described as your classic introvert who is shy and a little reserved. Because of this, I like the company of other dogs because they make me feel secure and bring out my silly side. My foster family describes me as young, active, and loving. I love adventures and going for rides, and I can’t wait to be your copilot through life. I think $99 is a pretty good deal for a dog like me, so please reach out and ask about Hank!”

Adopt a Dog

We have several other adorable and loving dogs looking for their forever families who have reduced adoption fees. If you’ve been wanting a new canine companion, now’s the perfect time! Take advantage of this doggone good deal and adopt your furry friend. Summer has only just begun and we know you’ll create a season (and lifetime!) of memories with your pup!