Groovy Pet of the Week: Hank!

Close-up of a dog looking at the camera wearing a bandana

Hi there! My name is Hank and I’m this week’s new groovy pet! Why groovy you ask? Well, it’s officially July and that means that in just a short 26 days, Woofstock will be upon us! In case you haven’t heard, Woofstock is AWS’ family-friendly, dog-friendly, food and beer festival. It happens annually on the grounds here at AWS, and it’s bound to be tons of fun! I heard there will be live music, food trucks, lots of vendors, a beer garden, and even stuff for kids to do. Wahoo! Sounds like a blast.

Hank loves Woofstock because….

But what does that have to do with me? Well, not only is Woofstock dog-friendly, but I really hope that by the time it comes around, I’ll have found my happy home. Can you imagine me there? So many new foods to try, people to meet, and dogs to play with. It’s true that I can be a little on the shy side, but I sure do love other pups. In fact, I would love to be adopted into a home that has other dogs! That would help me to feel secure and I would have someone to play with.

Why else would I love Woofstock? Well, I also love being outside! If there is a hike to be had, some water to swim in, or a trail to be walked, I’m there! I’m a real adventurous boy who loves the sunshine and loves the adventure. Woofstock is entirely outside and there are pools for me to splash in, agility to try, trails to walk. It sounds wonderful! And were I to be with my family, it would be even more special. I really hope they find me soon!

Lastly, Woofstock would be an amazing event for me because it means helping the pets of AWS. Whether I get adopted by then or not, I would still love to help! All sponsorships, fees and donations raised at the event support pet veterinary care at AWS’ Community Veterinary Clinic and throughout the state. Since I am a dog who has been greatly helped by AWS, this is so important to me. Being the groovy pet of the week means nothing if I don’t support the wonderful benefits of Woofstock. Plus, it’s a TON of fun!!

Adopt Hank!

If my forever family is out there, I hope to meet you soon. I would love nothing more than to head to Woofstock with you, and then have a home to retire to. I would curl up at your feet or sit outside on the porch with you to watch the sunset. We could go on hikes, car rides, and many adventures. I’ve been at AWS for months now, and I think it’s time I headed home. I deserve to have the summer of my dreams! Festivals come and go, but family is forever. Please adopt me soon!