Firework Pet Safety Tips

Independence Day can be a scary and often dangerous time for animals. Many of our pets fear the sight and sound of fireworks, as well as large gatherings and celebrations. What’s very much an exciting time for us can often turn into a fearful and confusing experience for them. Practice fireworks pet safety by learning how to keep your pet away and calm during the celebration. We all deserve to have a happy and fear-free holiday!

Do Some Research

Before the celebrations start, do some research into where and when fireworks will happen in your area. If you know what to expect, you can be better prepared to help your pet. About 15 minutes before they kickoff, consider moving your pet into a separate, quiet room for relaxation. Draw the curtains and turn on some music or the TV. Give your pet a bed, lots of toys, or a blanket they can curl up on. Fill their space with things they love and feel comfortable around, including you!

Try a Thundershirt

A Thunder Shirt could be a great tool in helping your dog or cat stay calm during fireworks. Designed to fit like a swaddle blanket, the Thunder Shirt will apply gentle pressure to your pet’s body. This way, they feel as if they are being hugged and comforted. The pressure can be soothing to many animals and make them feel like they are covered and safe. Thunder Shirts don’t work for every pet but for the ones they do, it can make all the difference!

Use Calming Spray

Many companies make a calming spray for animals with high anxiety. These sprays are designed to mimic calming pheromones that naturally occur in your pet. As such, they can help ease your pet into a state of relaxation that is familiar and natural to them. Try gently spraying your animal as well as the room they are staying in about 15 minutes before the fireworks begin. You might be surprised to see how well it can actually work!

Drown Out the Sound

As mentioned above, playing soothing music for your pet might help them relax. You can, however, also play louder, more heavy music to help drown out the distant sound of fireworks. Most animals are used to hearing music or the sound of the TV, and turning these devices up louder might distract them. Plus, many pets recognize the familiar sounds of our electronics as routine and normal. When they hear the sounds, they naturally become more relaxed and feel safe at home!

Console and Comfort

The easiest way to practice fireworks pet safety is to console and comfort your anxious animal. If your pet is shaking or whining during fireworks, feel free to lay down next to them. This will reassure your pet that you’re there to help them. Gently pet your furry friend and talk in a soothing voice. Rub their ears, hug them, or even sing to them their favorite song. You may also allow your pet to hide where they feel most comfortable, like a closet or bathroom. It’s okay to be your pet’s security blanket through it all!

Drive Away

Sometimes the best solution is the most obvious. If you know your pet will become inconsolable during firework celebrations, simply remove them from the situation. For the hour that the fireworks will be booming, consider driving your pet into town or am area where there will be no fireworks. Bring them into a pet-friendly department store where you can walk around and drown out the sounds. Bring them to a relative’s house that might be farther away and allow them to hang out there. If you can escape the sound, it might be worth the trip for your pet!

If you have a fearful pet this fourth of July, we hope you can practice these fireworks pet safety tips. Let us know how they went, and have a safe and fear-free holiday!