Guinea Pig Family

Phoebe, the Mom

Hello everyone! My name is Phoebe and I am a guinea pig up for adoption here at AWS. I also happen to be a mother of two who is looking for a home for my whole family. In other words, my daughters and I must be adopted together! This way, we can all stay together as a guinea pig family while extending to include you! Doesn’t that sound wonderful? I dream of the day when my little family can be adopted and start this next chapter in our lives. Let me tell you a little about us!

Bonded for Life

As you can guess, I love my daughters Peppa Pig and Miss Piggy and we are bonded through and through! We do everything together and I try to guide them as best I can. Both of my girls were born hairless and are a breed called Skinny Pigs. This means I had to take extra care in cleaning them and making sure their skin stayed healthy. If you were to adopt me and my girls, I just ask that you help by making sure their skin is clean, dry, and scratch-free!

Peppa Pig

Like most guinea pigs, my little family enjoys the simple things in life. We like fresh hay and veggies daily, many toys and tunnels to play with, and time spent outside our enclosure. We like to exercise and get fresh air, spend time with our humans, and eat lots of good food! I bet you can relate! As social animals, my girls and I love to be around people and can’t wait to extend our guinea pig family. Forming strong bonds with our humans is important to us! Plus, as a single mother, I can’t wait for the extra help in raising my daughters!

Journey Home

My journey has been quite an interesting one, and now I’m ready to find my happy home. I came to AWS already pregnant and actually gave birth in their care. I am forever grateful for AWS’ help and support, and all that’s left is to make the journey home. My girls deserve love and care and joy, and I know that’s just around the corner! With summer coming on, it’s the perfect time of year to adopt a guinea pig family like mine. After all, three is a magic number!

Miss Piggy

Will you help us find our home? If you have room in your heart and are looking for some fun, active, and goofy girls, we’re the ones for you! Give our friends at AWS a call at (207) 985-3244. We’re currently in foster care but would love to arrange a visit! As a mother, nothing would make me happier than knowing my daughters and I are headed home!