Karhu is Team #awsdog!

Hi there, folks! My name is Karhu (pronounced like kaar·hoo) and I am a new face around here at AWS. Can you guess what my name means?! It’s actually Finnish for ‘bear’ because, well, just look at me! Luckily, I behave nothing like a bear (except maybe for my love of long naps and back scratches), and am quite the friendly, happy, and outgoing guy. I guess that’s why my friends here asked me to be the newest featured pet on the blog!

To be honest, though, I’m actually here on behalf of all my fellow canines to talk about a little event known as Giving Tuesday, which is happening tomorrow on November 28! I had never heard of it before until my human pals clued me in, and now I am the spokesperson for Team #awsdog! You see, every Giving Tuesday the pets here at AWS lovingly compete to see which species can win the day by getting the most donations in their name. I’m obviously on Team #awsdog because let’s face, cats drool. But that aside, I’m here to spread the word and help the animals of AWS get donations no matter what team they may root for!

You see, Giving Tuesday all started with a simple idea: a day dedicated to doing good. Whether it’s sharing a smile with someone (which I am really good at!), helping a neighbor out, standing up for an important cause, or giving a little of what we have to others, everyone has something to give on Giving Tuesday. This year, no matter which team you want to win, I hope that you will donate so that all the animals of AWS can continue to stay safe, happy, and healthy. We are all waiting for out forever homes and every donation helps us on our journey to get there. I, for one, can’t wait to be adopted and I know that whether that’s today, tomorrow, next week, or even next month, I have caring and generous people like you to thank for it. AWS couldn’t operate without your support! So, thank you sooo much in advance and if I could, I would reach through this screen and give you a big sloppy kiss!

Want to donate early to help Team #awsdog win? Follow the button below! (I promise, it’s not cheating!) You can also learn more about me by clicking the Adopt Me button below. I love to meet new people so don’t be shy! See you soon!