Keep it Mellow!

Hi friends! Have you ever heard of a rabbit having a blog before? I hadn’t either until I was asked by my friends here at AWS if I wanted to write one. Of course I said ‘yes!’ because who wouldn’t hop on that opportunity?! I feel so honored to be featured and able to speak for all my lagomorph friends!

Hey, so, my name is Mellow and I’m up for adoption here at Animal Welfare Society! I’m one of many rabbits here who are looking for their happy homes and let me just say, bunnies like me make amazing companions and pets. We’re clean, smart, friendly, curious, fun, and we can even be taught tricks and cues. If you’re someone who thinks rabbits are shy or boring, think again! We can hop into action when we want to, and our playful natures will leave you laughing. There’s a reason they call us ‘funny bunnies!’

Now I know what you’re thinking… “if you’re so bouncy and boisterous, why is your name Mellow?” Well, it just so happens that I am one pretty chill rabbit. I love to play and hop around and I make friends easily, but I also enjoy my quiet time and relaxation. Plus, my calming nature will help keep you mellow as well and make you feel as warm and cozy as my fur. I suppose that’s how I got my name in the first place!

So hey; you might not have thought you wanted a rabbit as a new companion, but here’s your sign to maybe reconsider. I (or one of my companions here) will bring so much love and happiness into your home that I’ll think you’ll be surprised. You’ll wonder why you’ve never adopted a rabbit before! And if you have had a rabbit as a friend before, you know exactly what I’m talking about. We make a friend like no other and I, for one, can’t wait to hop on home with you and fill your life with so much joy and love. Keep it mellow with me, Mellow!

Ready to give a bunny like me chance? Head over to the AWS Adoption Center today or give them a call at (207) 985-3244 if you have any questions. Just ask for me by name!