Manny Needs You!

*Manny has found his foster-to-adopt family!*

Manny is a very special cat looking for a very special person (or people) to care for him.

Manny is a senior gentleman, who just happens to be the sweetest, friendliest, handsomest cat around. He loves affection from people! He will meow in a happy greeting when you enter the room and immediately come over for pets. What a pleasure for us humans be greeted with so much joy!

Manny’s favorite thing to do is look out the window and watch the world go by. He hopes his new home has lots of perches and window sills for prime bird and people watching.

Additionally, he’s a curious fellow, and he enjoys exploring his surroundings, checking out each nook and cranny. He’ll likely do the same in his new home as he gets the lay of the land. It’ll be fun to watch him explore and find his favorite places to curl up for good cat naps.

Cat Manny looks out a window at trees

So here’s the thing with Manny: he has a number of very serious health issues.

Manny has heart issues, a heart murmur, arthritis and of biggest concern, uncontrolled diabetes.  In fact, because of these issues, we are seeking a foster home, specifically a foster-to-adopt home for him. While he’s been in the shelter, we have not been successful in getting his blood sugars into range to control his diabetes. We are hoping that in a more home-like environment, with less stress, his condition can improve.

So what should Manny’s foster-to-adopt family know?

  • They will have to give him insulin via a syringe. The good news is that he’s very tolerant of getting his medication. Cats rarely feel a thing when they get a shot. Our staff will show you how to correctly administer his insulin shots.
  • They will need to be careful not to give Manny extra food or treats. For good diabetes management, Manny gets a specific portion of food twice a day. Not to worry, it’s regular wet food, not a specialty food.
  • They will need to bring him back to AWS’ Clinic for a vet appointment in a few weeks to ensure his health is on the right track. He doesn’t mind car rides, usually!
  • They should have a low-key home without young children or a lot of hustle and bustle. At Manny’s age (14), he appreciates a calm and quiet household.
  • Finally, Manny’s people will have to have lots of love and affection to give! That won’t be hard because Manny’s got plenty of love and affection for you!

Please don’t let Manny’s age or health conditions deter you from making a huge difference in a cat’s life!

Manny is a really sweet and loving guy who will bring so much joy to your home. He deserves a happy and loving home to spend his golden years. Please stop by the Adoption Center or give us a call at (207) 985-3244 to learn more about fostering (and adopting) Manny. The sooner he’s out of the shelter and into a home, the sooner we can all work together to get Manny’s diabetes and other health issues on track!

Black and white cat Manny poses with AWS staff member