The Magical Houdini


Hello everyone! My name is the magical Houdini, but you can just call me Houdini. Unlike my namesake, I just moved here to Maine all the way from Dallas Texas. But like my namesake, I’ve been leaving people in awe and amazement ever since! I like to crawl into tight spaces to sleep, but then escape miraculously for food and treats. I love to work a crowd with my good looks, and I never shy away from the spotlight. That’s why they call me the magical Houdini! Perhaps the only real thing I’m missing in my life is a family to call my own!

For my first trick…

Like I said, I just arrived in Maine ready to find my happy home. As a new resident here, I couldn’t wait to do my first trick! With a simple twitch of my nose and some friendly meows, I magically appeared at the Kennebunk Free Library! That’s right, I can teleport! (In actuality, the library fosters cats for AWS and they agreed to take me. I wasn’t so much teleported as transported, but a good magician never reveals his secrets!)

Once at the library, I was free to roam and perform my tricks for everyone! I climbed some books, found lots of nooks and crannies to explore, and even caught the attention of some passerby’s. What can I say, I always turn heads! I’m so special in fact, I learned to type right here at the library. Keyboards are so fun to click! Although I must say I’m a little disappointed the ‘mouse’ is not a real mouse.

When I’m not performing, however, I like to live the simple life. I adore attention and treats, love to cuddle, and always watch the birds fly by out the window. I have a fondness for shoes (they just smell so interesting!), and I’ve never met a stranger. The librarians here love me and they spoil me rotten. Here’s what they had to say about me, the magical Houdini!

“This sweet, 1-year-old is a cuddlebug who starts purring immediately when given pets and attention. He is also a wiggleworm and moves around all day stretching out and flopping as close as he can to you. He always gets scritches and praise for being a very good boy! He also seems to really like shoes and treats. If you are looking for a friendly and affectionate cat companion, come meet Houdini!”

Kennebunk Free Library

And for my last trick…

I know I have a large and loving fanbase, but what I really want is a family to call my own. I’ll always love the crowds and the performances. but what would be really magical is to be adopted. I mean, just imagine me in your home! I could entertain you all day with my antics. I would spontaneously appear in your lap, pop out from behind the couch, and help all of your catnip to disappear!

For my last trick, I would want nothing more than to win over the hearts of my family. I know some people don’t believe in magic, but I absolutely do! It’s not about the smoke and mirrors, the glitz or glam, or even pulling a rabbit out of a hat. True magic is finding someone you love and sharing a good life together. It’s snuggling under a blanket during a snowstorm, or sharing a meal together after a long day of work. It’s telling each other your secrets or sharing a good joke you overheard from a bird out the window. I can do all those things for you, and I can’t wait to find my perfect people. That’s the real secret to my success.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to come and see the magical Houdini?! If so, make sure to call my venue at the Kennebunk Free Library at (207) 985-2173. Or, you can always come visit me in person during their open business hours. I know my happy home is out there somewhere, and I can’t wait to fill it with magic!!