Pet of the Week: Sweet as Mango

You humans say that mangos are a sweet, orange fruit that’s healthy for you and leaves you wanting more. I’ve never tried one myself, but I suppose that’s how I got my name! Hello. I’m a beautiful 8-year-old kitty and as you probably worked out, my name is Mango! I’ve been with AWS since June of this year and so when they asked me if I wanted to be the featured pet, I of course said ‘meowwwyes!” I was shocked to learn that I’m the longest cat resident here at Animal Welfare Society because while I can be a little shy, I’m super sweet and low-key. I like to think that I make a wonderful roommate!

Currently, I’m living my best life in foster care with a woman who totally gets me. I love it here, but it would be nice to finally have a home of my very own. I know I’m not that old, but I’m not a kitten anymore either. I like the peace and quiet and I like to lay low and just watch the birds fly by outside. I’ll cuddle in a chair next to you or perhaps at your feet and you’ll probably find me gazing out windows sunning myself on the floor. I’ve had an independent personality since I was young, so I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not really a lap cat. That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t love my people and like to be around them. I’m happiest at home where I can cozy up and know that my humans are right down the hall. I might be shy at first, but it doesn’t take me long to warm up and become a loyal and loving companion. Plus, I’m quiet, clean, and super cute to look at (if I do say so myself!)

Summer has been fun spending time with my foster mom, but now that autumn is coming on and the nights are getting cooler, I would love a family of my own. I would bring so much warmth and happiness to a home and I can’t wait to show someone what I’m all about. If you think there’s a chance we could be partners and that I’m the cat for you, please call my friends here at AWS at (207) 985-3244. They’ll be happy to set up an appointment with my foster mom so that I can come and visit you! Fall is a season of changing and growing and I’m ready to embody that spirit and make a change for the better. I hope my adoption is right around the corner!