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Abbie, Baby, Bobbie and Fatcat

I have adopted 4 cats now for AWS. First was Fatcat (puss and boots) after him we got, Abbie, after Abbie, we got baby and Bobbie (shortcake). They were sisters and had to go together which was fine with us. I have nothing but great experience with AWS. Telling us everything we need to know about our babies we were about to bring home. Like Baby and Bobbie (they came from a house where they had little children, they were scared and frightened, that didn’t matter to us) we allowed them the time they need to adjust. (Almost a year) which was fine we knew they would come around! They are now full of love and been a great addition to our fur family! When we want to add another to our family we will always come back to AWS! (Tiger long hair cat is Abbie, black is Baby short hair tiger is Bobbie and orange is Fatcat)