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Before my husband and I got married, we knew we needed a cat to complete our family. When we went to AWS, I saw a scared Siamese cat hiding in the back of her cage with the most beautiful blue eyes. While my husband wasn’t sure at first (he wanted a cat with a big personality, and she was so shy), there was just something about her, and I knew we had to adopt her. Within a week of bringing her home, we both agreed that she had more personality than any other cat we’d ever met. She is so talkative and most of her meows just mean she wants attention. When I think about her previous owners who left her, or the fact that she was sitting in the shelter for so long without being adopted, it breaks my heart and I don’t understand how anyone wouldn’t want this amazing cat. On the other hand, I realize that she was meant for us and we are the luckiest family to have found our sweet Beatrice! She was 6 years old when we adopted her, and I hope more people realize how wonderful adult cats are!!