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Vincent, our teenage daughter Ally, and I adopted Brandi, (formerly Lassie) as one of the last pups from a litter brought up from Georgia in October of 2018. My daughter and I stopped in on a whim after a college tour for her in Mass and fell in love with the sweet little girl. Her sister was being adopted when we were there, which left her alone. We put a deposit on her then and convinced (easily) Vinnie to go see her the next day. He brought her home and she is now our little love, Brandi. We lost 2 dogs over the prior year to cancer, our hearts were broken and Brandi has started to fill some of the missing parts of our heart which were our adored Zeke and Halle. We will get her a big brother once she is fully trained, and know the new companion will love her too!

– Alina