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Hi AWS Friends!

Luna here (formerly Carolina), just checking in to say HELLO! Today (May 20th) is my birthday, today I am TWO! I would like to say a very happy 2nd birthday to my sisters and brother where ever they may be (the state puppies), I hope they had fun with their humans today!

My parents took me on a solo trip to my favorite place this morning, the beach! I played for a while running and frolicking and met so many new friends, I even laid down in the waves to cool off, geesh, it was a warm morning! I met lots of new friends today at the beach as well, some even played chase and one stole my ball but he gave it back when his mommy asked him to.

I’m about to go snuggle with my adoptive fur brother and sister and nap for the rest of the afternoon but I just wanted to say hello, let everyone know I am happy and healthy and to say THANK YOU again for saving my life and for allowing me and my siblings to find our happily ever afters.

Happy Birthday to me and because of YOU I get to celebrate birthdays and have a family of my own, they say they are the lucky ones, but I’m pretty sure that I am the lucky one (even though mommy still claims THEY are the luckiest ones!).