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This email was sent to AWS in late October 2013. Sadly, we understand Chester has since passed away. Chester was well loved both at the shelter and in his home with Kit and Nick. His story is a tribute to adopting senior dogs. Kit and Nick, we are sorry for your loss and thank you for your compassion during his final years.

My husband and I adopted Chester almost 2 years ago from AWS. I wanted to send a quick update about him. He is doing well for his age. He is almost 16! At least once a day, we say he’s the best dog we’ve ever owned. He used to love going for walks with us, but recently his hips have been bothering him. We went for a walk without him; he cried and cried. So we tried pulling him in a wagon. He was thrilled! It worked out perfectly. Chester is the most loving and loyal dog. Thank you again!

Kit and Nick