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Hi, I got my cat Jemma from AWS 5 years ago. Her name was Margarita at the time.

Since the 5th anniversary of her Gotcha Day is coming up on August 21st, I figured I’d share an update. After my last cat, Beastie, also an AWS alum, passed unexpectedly, I lasted a week before I needed to find a new companion. When I came down to AWS to look at cats, I scooped Jemma out of her cage, held her on my shoulder and she just started purring and happy drooling. I had to take her home.

She took about three days to settle in, and a has been by my side ever since. Literally. She is always in the same room I am, generally in the most inconvenient spot possible. She comes and wakes me up in the morning (Although that may be more about getting fed). She has her spot in every room in the house, and makes sure the neighborhood outdoor cats know what’s hers. She has been a loyal companion all these years, and I am so grateful to AWS for caring for all their animals until they find their home.