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Our “little lady” adventure commenced November of 2018 when we met Kippy at AWS for an “invterview with her adoptive parents. We saw her on your webpage for almost 30 days! To our surprise and delight she was still available. (Our Pekipom died the year before and we hoped to find a “new pup”.) Kippy was 15 y.o. and seemed like a puppy by her size (8.8 lbs) and energy. She came home with us that day!!! Ever since then she continues to amaze us with her love, energy, and puppiness”. The pics below are of at least a couple hundred not to mention videos… must start a FB page. Today at 16 & 8 mos. she has somewhat slowed with more hours sleeping than playing but still likes her walks and literally runs a block or so back home on leash. Her eyesight is 3/4 gone from cataracts as well as hearing but she’s still our “little puppy-girl”! Her only down time was a few weeks ago when her “partner in crime” our 20 y.o. kitty died at home… Kippy never left her side the last few days and mourned her by sleeping on her blankets they had shared for about a week or so. 🙁 THANK YOU AWS for bringing this cutie into our lives for what seems to be many more years!