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Hi Animal Welfare Society,

My husband and I adopted our cat Midna, nicknamed Midge, a little over two years ago. She is a tiny cat, only seven pounds, and is missing an eye. Her past is spotty, as she was a stray for some time. When we met her she was being hosted by AWS at Andy’s Agway in Dayton, under the name “Kitty.” She’d been there a few months, and when we saw her we knew we had to bring her home.

At first she was very skittish and nervous. She spent most of her time hiding under the bed, didn’t like to socialize or be touched, and was afraid of our older cat Bear. Over time she grew more and more comfortable, and today she is a playful and curious lap cat. Her favorite things are cuddling up to me on a soft blanket, playing with her toy jingle balls, and napping next to Bear, who has become her best buddy. Many thanks to the AWS for helping us find our sweet winky cat!

All the best,