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We went to AWS to adopt Maggie after New Years in 2016 (right at the start of a pretty wicked snow storm). My husband had thoughts of another dog, but the 4 kids and I had our hearts set on Maggie. We arrived and were third in line. Guess who the number 2 family wanted… Yes, Maggie. We spent time with other dogs while we waited patiently for the family to decide if they wanted her. The family then said that we could visit with Maggie while they looked at another dog they also were considering. About an hour later, the head of the household comes up and says “We just had a family meeting and we’ve all agreed that THAT is YOUR dog”. Unreal. So, “York” now named Maggie came home with us on that snowy day! Apparently LOTS of people will travel on a snowy day to adopt a pet, the line went out the door (there were a bunch of puppies most were considering).

She was initially afraid of men, but has warmed up to some of our male friends (not all yet). She’s absolutely terrified of the washing machine and will crawl under my daughter’s blankets to hide.

She’s still afraid of water, but has since canoed 17 miles down the allegesh, is always by our side no matter what we are doing, comes to every baseball game, loves to fish with us, is a great partner to walk/run the trails and is by far the BEST and sweetest dog we’ve ever had. She truly loves her people and has brought so much joy into our lives.