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It was a busy time at Kennebunk AWS the day we adopted Monty. He was one of a litter of Australian Cattledog/mix puppies. I guessed he’d be gentle because he seemed to prefer a quiet spot in the room while his siblings playfully tumbled. I asked my grandson, only three, to give him a name and without a bit of hesitation, he said, “Monty.” After 14 years, Monty is with us, all of us seniors. He enjoys a slow walk at Blueberry Fields, Alewives Preserve or Sea Road, sniffing and leaving his own “messages” behind. He continues to enjoy life, his treats, and his kooky dog-pal Hannah, and dreams a lot, maybe about the good old days when he’d chase a chucked ball and leap high to catch it on the first bounce…Amazing!… what a great friend he’s been through all these years!