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We started looking for a dog this summer. I knew I wanted to adopt a senior pet from a rescue, and something led me to Roxy. I emailed the shelter who got me in touch with Roxy’s foster mom, Nicky. She did not sugar coat anything and let me know what to expect with Roxy’s medical needs. We set up a meet and greet and Roxy was even cuter and goofier than I expected. Nicky was a huge help with the whole process, and let us take Roxy for a few days to see how she did with our chickens and indoor birds (Roxy passed with flying colors, by the way).

We officially adopted Roxy on Saturday and our one hour commute home turned into three as we took Roxy shopping to celebrate her new life. And just as Nicky promised, Roxy makes us laugh every day and is a great car buddy. It may sound cliche, but I already can’t imagine our lives without her. As I’m writing this, Roxy is snuggled between us in bed, following her medicated bath and foot soak. She may be high maintenance, but she is most definitely worth it. Thank you for giving her a chance!