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We adopted Sage (Cake) on a lovely summer day.  He was very nervous when we met him, but his cuddles in the adoption clinic were more than enough to ignite a deep love.  We brought him home and showed him his new life.  We were all so happy!

He was completely house trained when we rescued him and is an incredibly well behaved puppy.  He is also wicked smart!  We have been able to teach him to sit, come, lay down, and stay in just over a week.  We are now working on fetch and paw.  Did I mention how smart he is?

He loves going for walks with us and just running around the yard with a frisbee.  His favorite field trip so far was to the ocean – the sandy beach and the rocky jetty were full of smiles and tail wags.   His favorite game around the yard is dog-food-filled egg hunt.

Sage has completely changed our lives and we couldn’t be a happier family of 3!  Thank you for introducing us to each other!

Stephanie and Eric