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We wanted to give an update on Sassy 🙂 She has very much warmed up and has proven to be a rather vocal cat. She talks all the time even if she doesn’t want something 🙂 Sassy loves her kitty treats,her big cat tree, and her kitty tent on her very own table in front of a window in our home. She scratches/pets on her terms in true Sassy fashion and she even sings and gives kisses! We have discovered she does not like to be touched beyond her shoulders if you get past there then she gets angry and will swat you. Being picked up is a big no no. We move her if need be while she is in her kitty tent which she doesn’t seem to mind, this is typically only to clean her table(she sheds like crazy and loves to track litter from her box back to her tree or her tent). Over all she is a very happy cat 🙂