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Hi there,

My family adopted Violet (formerly known as Miranda) early July.

She is such a happy puppy. People love her as she is so friendly and lovable, as well as gets along with other dogs, our children ages 3 to 16 and our almost 20 pound cat! She is a social butterfly and tolerant of other dogs. People comment on her sweet temperament and can’t believe we got her from a shelter. I tell them how nice your shelter is and that there are great animals as Violet waiting. I also feel the people who fostered her did a great job, as well as your staff.

We feel so lucky to have her as part of our family. She immediately became part of our family. She has done so many things in just a few week’s of having her. Kangamangas River in NH, hikes, fireworks, beach, rides and more. At night she zonks right out from so much fun. Then she let’s out a big sigh of contentment. I think she loves us too – I guess we ALL fell in love.

I only hope more animals and people could be brought together this way. Yes, a huge commitment….but if we knew it was going to be Violet, we would have done it sooner.