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Misty was our second cat of the bunch, and this poor baby was surrendered. We met her in April of 2020 and were told she wasn’t cuddly or loving. We took her home anyway and at first she was hesitant.…

Fluff now Flora

Flora joined our family about two years ago and has brought immense joy, comfort, and affection to us since then! The day that I came into AWS, the member I met with mentioned that this blue-eyed beauty was very, very…


An orange kitten sits on the chest of his new owner as one of our Happy Homes stories.

I just wanted to reach out with an update on Fitz! He has had an AMAZING two weeks in his new home; meeting his new family and (after a very long and slow introduction process) playing with his brother! Fitz is…

Sesame now Chance

gray cat lounges on back in a red cat bed

I adopted Sesame (now Chance) back in July 2022. He is such a snuggle bug and quite vocal. You folks do an amazing job and I always recommend friends to adopt from you if they are looking. I drove 2…

Zach now Theodore

A cat curled up on the couch in their home.

I adopted Theodore 2 years after the passing of my male cat, Benny. He has been a very entertaining addition for me and my senior cat, Lilly, to watch. Constantly running around, playing with his toys, and getting into mischief!

Sesame now Chance

Close up of a tiger kitten snuggled up on a purple blanket.

My golden had passed and it was time for a new pet. This time we decided on a kitten! Chance is such a snuggle bug and a feisty biter (LOL). He has truly made us happy!

Wisteria now Luna

A grey cat lays sleeping on a striped chair in her home.

(Written by Braydon age 11) My Dad and I volunteer at AWS every Saturday morning and do cat socialization. We came across a cat named Wisteria and pet her a lot one day. We both loved her right away. We…

Handsome now Buddy2

Close-up of white, fluffy cat with large blue eyes.

We adopted Buddy2 two years ago, and he is such a joy in our home. He is 8-9 years old now. Buddy2 loves to play with his toys and loves his window seat where he can get fresh air and…

Sandy now Jerry

A woman sits on a couch with a small grey and white kitten laying on her chest.

We adopted Jerry about 4 days ago and she is already the most wonderful thing to come into me and my partner’s lives! She has fit right into our home and we can’t stop laughing and loving her! She’s such…


I adopted Daisy back in June at the adoption event, and it was the best thing I've ever done! She settled in immediately and has been so happy since day one. She just made the move with me into our…


Just checking in to let you know we are head over heals in love with this little creature! He’s so funny, a little strange, sort of quirky, and sleeps in the strangest positions! Feet straight out the back! My sweet…

Lily now Phoebe

I was looking for a cat to fill my quiet home. I came across Lily (now Phoebe’s) photo on the website and instantly was drawn to her. She was shy and a little introverted when I met her but I…

Snuggs now Beanie

cat under blankets

I first fell in love with Beanie when I saw her big, beautiful, emerald eyes looking up at me. They were like anime eyes and were (and still are) way too big for her face. She was absolutely adorable! After…

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