A HOWLween Treat

UPDATE: I’VE BEEN ADOPTED! Hi there, friends! My name is Pearl and it’s a real pleasure to meet you. I hope you’re all doing well today despite the rain here in Maine. I don’t mind it so much and I think it adds to the spookiness of my favorite holiday, Howlween! You humans refer to it as HALLOween but, I like my version better. Either way, it’s always bound to be a fun and frightening good time!

The reason it’s my favorite holiday is actually because of my name. You see, throughout history pearls have been associated with the full moon because of their color and shape. The full moon is supposed to represent strength and protectiveness, but also mystery and longing. It has long been a part of Halloween lore and I think it’s connection to pearls is all the more intriguing. Given that my name is Pearl, I also feel connected to the full moon and I think I represent its characteristics and spiritual meaning quite well. I’m large and somewhat round (hey, I can admit it!), and I’m definitely strong and will always be loyal to my friends and family. I guess you could say I’m also mysterious as it seems that whenever I’m around, all cookies and treats mysteriously go missing…

Of course, unlike the moon I’m quite energetic and playful. I love to romp around here on the ground and if I could reach the sky, I would play up there, too! I’m a big girl and I have a lot of strength and agility, but I’m also gentle and loving. I adore people and will always be down for lots of cuddles, head pets, and belly rubs. My friends here at AWS are always saying I’m a real treat and that’s perfect because Howlween is tomorrow! With a holiday that’s all about getting treats, I think it’s the perfect time to adopt a pup like me! I’ll be your best treat of all because, as I said, I’m a real full moon kind of gal. Just think of me as your strong, gentle, protective, and (somewhat) round new best friend! I can’t wait to celebrate my favorite holiday with you!

If you want to play, cuddle, and howl at the moon together, I’m your perfect new pup and playmate! All I want for Howlween is a family to call my own so every day will feel like a treat. Pearls might be fancy, delicate, expensive, and high-class, but this Pearl is the real gem. When you adopt an animal you grow your family, and nothing makes you richer than having a family. Please come visit me anytime by swinging by the AWS Adoption Center or give my friends here a call at (207) 985-3244 if you have any questions! I can’t wait to hear from you!