Adopt a Rabbit Month

Hello! Our names are Jupiter and Luna and we’re two bonded bunnies who are looking for our happy, new home together! We’re both Rex rabbits which means we’re medium sized, very friendly, and super soft. Like, very soft. You’ll love petting and grooming us! We actually wanted to be featured on the blog today because, if you’re not aware, it’s National Adopt a Rabbit Month! That’s right, all February long people will be celebrating adoptable bunnies like us and why we make such wonderful companions! The two of us are honored to represent our rabbit friends and talk about all the wonderful qualities that bunnies can bring to a loving home like yours!

Rabbits are Curious, Cuddly, & Clean!

As for the two of us, we know we’re perfect pet material because we’re friendly, cuddly, curious, and love to be around our people. It might surprise you to learn that rabbits love company and are used to living in large groups in the wild. It’s why we thrive on companionship! (It’s also why the two of us decided to get married. You can see our wedding photo below!) We’re also super smart and can learn tricks, recognize faces and sounds, and even be litterbox trained like a cat. Hey, we like to keep thing clean and tidy just like you!

Two rabbits are held next to each other wearing wedding clothes for Adopt a Rabbit Month

Did you guys know that rabbits also have a fun and quirky side? I think people often think of us as rather timid, shy, and gentle creatures who don’t like a lot of hustle and bustle. While that might be true for some, the two of us actually love to explore, play, and hop around. We’re always curious about our surroundings and like to get into mischief (if we do say so ourselves.) Adopt a Rabbit Month is all about learning about rabbits and why we make wonderful friends, so we think it’s important to know that we’re just as lively, friendly, loyal, and loving as any cat or dog. Plus, we’re quitter and cleaner as well!

Help us Celebrate Adopt a Rabbit Month

Rabbits like us are actually the third most common pet found in animal shelters nationwide, which means there are many of us who need happy homes. Although the two of us are wonderful, we would also be so happy to see some of our other bunny friends go home as well. Marshmallow, Snowball, and Fluff are all pure white and friendly guys who can’t wait to find their families. Another bonded pair here at AWS are Rose and Daisy who are a sweet pair of sisters who are young, cute, and full of energy! This Adopt a Rabbit Month, we ask you to take a second look at us lagomorph friends and consider bringing one (or some!) of us home. We’d be honored to be a part of a special family like yours.

Help us make our dreams come true and we’ll fill your lives with so much love, laughter, and sweet bunny snuggles. (Plus, did I mention how super soft we are?!)