Fun Facts About Rabbits

February is National Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month! We like to celebrate these unique and lovable lagomorphs by sharing a few fun facts about rabbits that may leave you surprised! After all, there are no other animals on Earth quite like a bunny!

  1. Many people think that rabbits are part of the rodent family, but they’re actually part of a family called Lagomorpha. Rabbits and hares share this family class with only one other animal: the pika!
  2. A rabbit’s big ears are not just for listening; they can also help to regulate a rabbit’s body temperature and can rotate almost to a full circle at 270 degrees.
  3. Just like cats, rabbits can be trained to use a litterbox. When out and about, they will usually hop back into their enclosure to use the potty and then hop back out when they’re done. How considerate!
  4. A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing! To keep them down, rabbits often chew on things like flowers and food to bark and sticks. This means you will have to provide various toys and items for your bunny to nibble on.
  5. While rabbits are normally gentle, shy animals, they can express a whole range of emotions from fear and anger to love and happiness. In fact, when a rabbit is really happy, it will jump in the air while preforming kicks and twists. We call this a ‘binky’.
  6. Despite the stereotype, carrots are actually not part of a rabbit’s natural diet and can cause them upset stomach if eaten too often. While they can be given as an occasional treat, carrots contain high levels of carbohydrates and sugar. Sorry Bugs!
  7. Rabbits are social animals and like to live with at least one other rabbit or in groups. In the wild, a rabbit family will dig out a series of tunnels and rooms underground where they all live together. We call this a ‘warren’.
  8. A male rabbit is a buck, a female rabbit is a doe, and a baby rabbit is a kit or kitten!
  9. As far as species traits go, a rabbit shares the most in common with a horse! Rabbits and horses have similar eyes, teeth and ears, and their diets and behaviors are nearly identical. Horses even express happiness by jumping and kicking!
  10. Being social animals, rabbits can bond very quickly and very strongly with their people. Just like a dog, they can learn to recognize their owner’s face, smell and voice and will often follow their person from room to room. Some can even learn their own name and will come when they’re whistled or called! 
white and black floppy eared rabbit sits in the grass

Help us celebrate all February long by sharing these fun facts about rabbits with your friends and family! You may also consider adopting a rabbit and adding one to your family today!