5 Minute Dog Training

We’re sure you’ve heard it before: “you only need to do five minutes of exercise four times a day to stay healthy!” Well, the same is true for dog training! Sometimes dedicating the time to actually working with your dog and going through a routine can be daunting. After all, we live such busy lives and training the dog may not be at the top of your ‘to-do’ list. With 5 minute dog training techniques, however, you can bond with, play with, and train with your dog in short, easily digestible time frames. Plus, it will be fun for both you and your pup!

They key to 5 minute dog training is to keep it to just that– five minutes. If you or your dog starts to get frustrated or bored, that’s your cue to stop and start fresh again later. Dog training is only successful if you’re both having fun and getting rewarded for your efforts. If it seems like your pup is in the mood to train, then let the games begin!

The Basics

In five minutes, you can go through the basics of what your dog already knows. Ask them to “sit” or “stay” or “wait” as your turn your back and take a few steps away from them. Turn back around and walk back to your dog and give them a reward. Continue this by taking more steps and getting farther and farther from your dog each time. See how long your dog can go and try to improve their wait time, making sure to reward for their effort. After five minutes, congratulate your dog and end the training session with a “good girl/boy!”

You can practice basic cues like this for five minute intervals several times a day with your dog, and eventually you’ll see how easy it can be to sneak training into your daily routine! If your dog still needs practice on their basic cues, we have many Beginner Classes to help you and your pup get started!

More Advanced

Even with only five minutes to spare, you can still work on more advanced training with your dog, it will just have to be done in smaller steps. For example, if you want to teach your dog to roll over, start with the basic cue of “lie down.” Once they’re down, hold a treat to their nose and slowly move it towards their shoulder until they roll on their back, and land on their other side. Then, reward them immediately.

Of course, you’re dog probably won’t get this straight away, so it’s important to break this trick up into smaller pieces. Start with hold the treat to their nose and getting them to go on their back. Repeat this several times until your dog does it consistantly. This might take the whole five minutes. If it does, that’s okay! Reward your dog and then break up the training session with some gentle play or change of scenery. This will help relax your dog and keep the training fun. Come back to the “roll over” trick later for another five minutes until the whole trick can be completed with ease.

If you would like to advance your dog’s training even more, we can help you both learn something new with our Intermediate Classes! These classes include things like scent work, agility, and obstacle training. Plus, once learned, they can all be practiced in five minute intervals at home!

Life can get busy, but even spending a couple minutes a day training your dog can work wonders for their body and brain and help keep them sharp, entertained, and happy!